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Avideh believes in Canadian values on which this great nation was built: freedom and opportunity for all, democracy, and rule of law.


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About Avideh

Avideh believes in Canadian values on which this great nation was built: freedom and opportunity for all, democracy, and rule of law.

Being concerned for the next generations of Canadians after 8 years of a Liberal government, Avideh’s priority is for Canada to become once again the nation where everyone dreamed of living and raising their children in.

Proud of her contributions to both her professional and cultural communities, she is now eager to apply her skills and dedication to serve the residents of Oakville West. After living and working in this riding for many years, she is motivated to bring the strong Conservative principles to the forefront and offer its residents a different path forward.

Avideh has been involved in politics since she was a child because of the Iranian revolution and its devastating consequences for her family and the country. At an early age, she had to understand the circumstances that forced her family to flee to another country to survive. Since she turned 14, she has been closely involved in politics and understood its importance in shaping our lives.

For Avideh, the Oakville West riding is not just a place on the map; It has been her home and community for the past 14 years. It’s where she lives, works, and intends to spend the rest of her life.

While Avideh is a Canadian Conservative business owner and an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner by profession, her most cherished role is that of a mother who is deeply concerned about the future of her community.

After fleeing Iran and a stint in Europe, she followed her husband to Canada almost two decades ago filled with hope and optimism. Her husband and she quickly fell in love with this country and its diversity, inclusiveness, and generosity. Soon after their daughter was born, they decided to make Canada their home, convinced that there is no other nation on this planet with its values, freedoms, and opportunities.

As a business owner, she understands the challenges facing our economy, including rising inflation, labor-force issues, and ever-increasing cost of living. Excessive government spending has eroded the strength of the Canadian dollar, causing hardship for those striving to achieve their Canadian dream. As a parent, she understands the difficulties the next generation faces in affording a home in today’s out-of-control housing market. Our current system is faltering, and it is evident that we need a fresh approach to restore an economy that works for working Canadians.

she wholeheartedly believes in the Conservative Party’s vision for addressing these challenges. As a long-standing party member, she wholeheartedly supports its principles that emphasize fiscal responsibility and trust in the ability of Canadians to build a strong economy free from government micromanagement. Most importantly, as an immigrant who fled a repressive regime, she holds individual rights as sacred and essential in building a strong country.

Her years of active engagement with the diverse communities that make up this riding have equipped her with the skills to effectively deliver a positive Conservative message to its residents. She is well-versed in the party’s positions and can convey the proactive policy initiatives, such as tying federal transportation funding to affordable housing, to a wide range of audiences.

For instance, foreign-interference is an issue impacting many immigrant communities within Oakville West. As an Iranian Canadian activist, she is keenly aware of the existential threat foreign interference – an issue the government has completely abdicated its responsibility to address – poses to the stability of our institutions and communities. She is well-equipped to deliver the strong Conservative stance against hostile foreign actors operating in Canada and the Conservative party’s commitment to protect Canadian sovereignty. Avideh believes that the safety and security of Canadians must never be compromised.

Avideh lived in Belgium for several years, where she studied and worked in the French language. Consequently, she is fluently bilingual and can communicate proficiently in both official languages.

Yet no matter the language, the most pressing demand from our party today is the call for a functional, efficient, and honest government. These qualities, which I strive to embody in all my endeavors, form the foundation of my life. Without them, it is impossible to bring about the positive change that our country desperately needs.

    • 30 years of experience in politics and human rights activism
    • Experienced in policy development from Healthcare to National Security
    • Established business professional for more than 30 years in healthcare sector
    • Educated in healthcare at European universities
    • Currently admitted to Harvard for Global Leadership in Healthcare program


It’s time Oakville West had a representative who serves with compassion and understands the issues, impacting our community, a strong voice in Ottawa standing up for you and our conservative values. I am that candidate. I respectfully ask for your vote. It would be an honour and privilege to serve you.


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It’s Time To

Reduce Red Tape to Create More Well Paying Jobs

Axe The Carbon Tax to Fight Inflation

Build Homes That Workers Can Afford

Protect our Community from Crime and Drugs

Defend Parental Rights, Free Speech and Stop Foreign Interference

Bring Back Responsible Immigration Policies

my promises

It’s Time To

Bring Home Powerful Paycheques

Axe The Carbon Tax

Build Homes That Workers Can Afford

Fix Trudeau's Broken Bail System So Repeat Offenders Stay in Jail

Lower the Cost of Living

Defend Our Freedoms and Stop Foreign Interference

Defend Parental Rights

Bring Home Common Sense

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